Tried Something New

Posted on August 20, 2011


As is frequently the case, I get stuck on one subject or another and forget to branch out.  Lately, HDR and landscapes have been my subject, but I have been reading up on food and drink photography.  This is mainly because I have been gluten free for nearly two years and I’m starting to meet more and more folks like myself.  I would like to start an alternate blog about eating gluten free with some of my own recipes at some point, but I need to figure out some lighting schemes for food so I can feature it.  Anyway, after a little practice and some Flickr searching here is my first gluten free photo…nevermindthe water spots…lol

Nikon D5000, Tokina 100mm Macro, ISO200, F/11, 1/320 - Processed in ViewNX and Photomatrix Pro

This photo will be my first recipe.

1oz Crown Royal

4oz Southern Sweet Tea


Nikon 5000, Tokina 100mm, ISO 200, F/11, 1/320s