Scorched Earth

July 31, 2011


In this photo of new life emerging from the ash of a grass fire, I combined HDR techniques to enhance a documentary style image of a recent grass fire that stretched from San Angelo to Sweetwater.  Click to view full resolution. Advertisements

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Quest for “Real” HDR Continued

July 22, 2011


After a great comment by @hdrtist on my last version of the “Stormy Sunflower“, I went back to the drawing board.  Since the original shot was cropped so tightly, I had to change things up a bit.  I kept the sunflower as it was and concentrated on the background.  I tried to manipulate the stormy […]

Ransom Canyon Revisited

July 16, 2011


I went back to Ransom Canyon yesterday to do some scouting for some Golden Hour and Blue Hours shots today.  I ended up staying for a while and taking some bracketed long exposure photos.  Here is the first one that I have worked on today.  Starting to see that I need a remote timer to […]

First try at a “Real” HDR

July 15, 2011


After reading the “HDR Best Practices Guide” by Brian Matiash I am attempting to refine my HDR work.  As a newbie, I was fascinated by the ultra-halos and psychedelic colors, but I now see the artful qualities that can be had with some restrain and vision.  Here is my first “Refined HDR.”   It is the […]

Behind The Lens

July 10, 2011


Often times when we view an image, we try to think about what the photographer would want us to see.  However, I sometimes wonder what was going on when the photographer made his/her image.  To make my point, I submit my latest FARMEX HDR image.  On the surface, it is a field of sunflowers with […]

All Drains Lead To The Ocean

July 10, 2011


Adventures in URBEX!  I have always had a fascination with old derelict stuff and have just found that its now a “sport” called URBEX or URBan EXploration. There’s a bit of trespassing involved, but I think it’s worth it.  Here is  a fresh example from an abandoned parking garage in Odessa, TX.  Enjoy

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Fremont St: Take 2

July 3, 2011


Had to post this one of the 4 Queens since the posse and I spent a bit of time playing Wheel of Fortune Slots here and won several bucks.  One guy had cut his hand earlier in the day and was bleeding on his pants.  One of the cocktail waitresses attacked him with soda water […]

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