To Boldy Go…

Posted on September 4, 2011


Being a photographer brings many pleasures: peace, quiet, tranquility, and a sense of fulfillment.  The night of September the first started out just like this.  It was just about 2300 hours ( thats 11pm for your civilians) and I was pulled over on a back country road between Tahoka and Lubbock out near New Home, TX.  It was so dark that I could see some dust clouds from our own Milky Way galaxy.  This was not by accident, I had planned the trip for this very subject.  As I sat in the truck, I setup my tripod and camera outside my window and began taking some practice shots at different angles and exposures.  I finally settled on a 13 sec exposure at f/3.5 and ISO 3200 with High ISO noise reduction on high.  I made several shots over the next hour or so.  As I was making some of my final groupings, my tranquility was shattered by the bright lights of the local Sheriff pulling up behind me.  Apparently I looked a bit suspicious parked in the darkness with my camera.  According to the officer, he saw me and my tripod earlier when he passed by, but couldn’t figure out what I was taking pictures of.  In my ever jovial spirit, I decided to show him some of the raw images still on my camera.  He was actually very impressed and was quick to be on his way when he saw the set of images with his lights flashing all over the place.  When he blinded me I forgot that I had set my D5000 to take a shot every 20 seconds and ended up with quite a few shots with red and blue accents…lol  Oddly enough he didn’t give me a sobriety test or even ask for my license.  I could’ve been one of those terrorists and been ready to lay waste to the empty field in front of me with my Giant Laser…but I digress.  Instead, I went back to my night photography for a few more frames and took my anti-climatic self home for some post processing goodness.  Here is a stacked, denoised image from that night for your viewing pleasure.  If  you have any questions about the post processing, I might give you some tips in my next post if you ask nicely.

Edit:  Would be nice if I actually inserted the photo, huh?

Nikon D5000, 18mm, f/3.5, 13sec, ISO 3200