Some new shots of West TX

Posted on June 6, 2011


As you can tell, I’ve been back on my HDR kick lately.  This is in part due to many of the folks I follow on Twitter inspiring me to try it again.  It is also due to an article I read about critiquing photography.  The article named many of the technical and aesthetic things to keep in mind when viewing a photo, or any visual art for that matter.  The thing that stuck with me most was that in the end, your own opinion should matter most.  Take photos for you and you will be happy.  That being said, the criteria given here is a good start to getting the most from your own work.  This first image is from TX-208 in the middle of no where.  Here is an image that on it’s own was pretty lack luster, but after a bit of post processing gained a bit of interest.  I like the dramatic light and the road as a leading line.  I like the buttes that also draw the eye towards the vanishing point on the right.  I like the color for an “artsy” image.  At first I didn’t like the darkening sky on left, but then I tried to remove it and realized that it really enhances the ground shadows by providing a complementary sky that is darkening in the east as the sun sets in the west.  I initially thought that I lacked a strong foreground subject, but I like how the road is the foreground object and directly leads the viewer into the image.  My last thought is that the image is overall soft.  I think that it works and adds to a dreamlike quality with this image, but probably would not work for others.

Now that I’ve put it out there on the first image, tell me what YOU think of my critique and give me your critique on the second image.  My only caveat is that it must be constructive…tell me specifics.  I have a thick skin, so be honest.

This shot is from Mt Scott near Wichita Falls, TX

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