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Posted on May 8, 2011


As my handle suggests, I am a Traveling Texan.  I have lived in many unique places and visited many more here in the US of A.  I spent the better part of my life on the east coast, but now reside in Lubbock, TX.  I have seen many of natures wonders and some man-made ones as well.  Several years ago I was inspired to purchase my own camera in an effort to share the beauty of the world around me.  Like many of my peers, I am inspired by the “Grand Landscape”, but also have an interest in urban landscapes and macro-photography.  Unlike many photographers, I have very little interest in portraiture, but have done a few sittings.  I plan on documenting my photographic journey while giving real world tips.  Most of these tips will not be about the latest and greatest gear, but more about how to use any gear effectively.  This first post will be about Photoshop or not.  My answer is always: “It depends.”  It really depends on whether you want to convey the actual image, or the overall feeling that you had when you released the shutter.  I view photography mostly as an art, so a little creative expression is allowed and sometimes needed.  I will say that most of my images are basically as they were taken, but sometimes I would rather convey a feeling that the camera was not able to capture on it’s own.  Before you cry fowl, that the camera can capture anything, that it’s the photographer that is limited, keep in mind that even the great Ansel Adams used post production techniques in the darkroom to convey his ideas in print.  Here are two images.  The first is unedited, and could not have been captured any other way.  The second is edited for feeling.  I cropped the image to a vertical orientation and replaced the blown out sky with a very realistic blue to white gradient.  Was it wrong of me to change it…I think not.  I look at it as if I am correcting for my camera’s limitation…I saw the blue sky, but the camera blew it out.  What do you think?  Leave me some feedback with your thoughts.

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